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We are proud to have a remarkable team who bring a wealth of expertise and knowledge that captures the entire ecosystem of offshore wind and the underpinning supply chain. These visionary leaders are committed to driving positive change and empowering all in the industry. Get to know the individuals behind our organisation

Mary Barry

Founding Director and CEO WOW | CEO Xellence Pathways, CEO CircularEcoLinkedIn

Mary Barry, CEO and Founding Director of CircularEco, stands at the forefront of Australia's energy transition. Her expertise in the shipping industry has been pivotal in Australia's shift to renewable energy, particularly through her significant work on the Offshore Electricity Infrastructure Act (OEI Act). Mary's pioneering leadership extends to forging strong partnerships with industry players and academic institutions, focusing on driving investment in groundbreaking renewable technologies whilst addressing the evolving labor needs in the energy sector. Her impactful work in this field was recognised with the Innovation in Energy Transition award from Subsea Energy Australia. Mary also advocates for empowering STE(A)M fields, fostering environments for professional growth, and focusing on industry and educational partnerships and initiatives.

Mary, is a trailblaser for diversity and innovation, advocating for inclusive representation in the sector. Under her leadership, CircularEco has become synonymous with cutting-edge advancements in renewable energy. She actively collaborates with government and industry leaders to propel Australia towards a sustainable, net zero emissions future. Her dynamic and transformative leadership elevates CircularEco and solidifies her status as a powerful force in the global energy landscape.

Naomi Kerp

Founding Director WOW | Senior Principal Environment Consultant - XodusLinkedIn

Naomi is an environmental scientist with 22 years professional experience spanning industries such as mining, oil & gas and more recently in the burgeoning offshore wind industry. The breadth of these industries has led to her undertaking many diverse projects over more than 20 years, from botanical field work in remote Western Australia and Vietnam, developing monitoring plans for uranium exploration in Tanzania, environmental impact assessment for decommissioning of an FPSO in the Philippines, to environmental scoping studies for a green hydrogen project.

Naomi began her career in the mining industry at Alcoa World Alumina, including a site role at what was the largest bauxite mine in the world. After moving into the oil & gas industry, Naomi spent seven years with Chevron Australia, with her most recent role as Approvals Team Lead for the Gorgon Gas Development at Barrow Island, the largest and most environmentally stringent resources project in Australia. Naomi has managed and delivered numerous complex interfacing approvals, including primary approvals under the OPGGS Act, EPBC Act and Western Australian, Victorian and Northern Territory legislation. 

Naomi is currently the Environment Lead – APAC for international energy consultancy, Xodus, where she leads a team of over 20 across a varied portfolio of projects especially in offshore wind starting with the origination of site locations, environmental planning, and strategy and through approval processes. Her team has worked on offshore wind projects in Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and the UK (INTOG and ScotWind). Naomi has worked with the major players in Australia's energy landscape to achieve environmentally responsible outcomes, including Woodside, Chevron, Santos, Shell, BHP, ConocoPhillips, Beach and Cooper Energy. She has sat on independent expert panels for marine turtles and advising Traditional Owners.

Her extensive experience in challenging, complex environmental approvals in the offshore oil & gas industry (specifically Environment Plans and Offshore Project Proposals) is well-suited to the developing offshore wind approval framework which is based to a large extent on that which operates in other large, marine-based industries such as offshore oil & gas. Naomi's expertise lies in developing innovative strategies to minimise the ecological footprint of large-scale projects, facilitating effective stakeholder engagement, and fostering collaboration. 

As a cofounding director of WOW, Naomi aims to highlight that a varied professional background across multiple industries is a strength, not a deterrent, to accelerating new industries such as offshore wind that are reliant on the learnings of other more mature industries. In particular, she champions the unique skills working in mega-projects in her home state of Western Australia, as a great opportunity to develop projects of scale requiring resilience and vision, which is required to make Australia’s offshore wind industry one we can all be proud of.

Alongside her professional endeavours, Naomi passionately advocates for gender equality and diversity within the renewable energy sector. She is one of the co-founders and serves as a Director of WOW (Women of Offshore Wind), a prominent organisation dedicated to empowering and promoting the role of women in the offshore wind industry.

Having come from the male-dominated industries of mining and oil & gas – including a role where she was one of only two women in a mining camp – Naomi is passionate about eliminating barriers and creating opportunities for women to excel in the sector, encouraging their participation, advancement, and leadership.

Naomi Kerp exemplifies a dedicated professional who combines her scientific knowledge, leadership skills, and advocacy efforts to drive positive change in environmental approvals and the advancement of women in the offshore wind industry. Her multidimensional contributions and expertise continue to have a lasting impact on the broader renewable energy sector.

Erin Coldham

Founding Director WOW | Chief Development Officer - Star of the SouthLinkedIn

Erin Coldham, the Chief Development Officer at Star of the South, is playing a role in advancing Australia's offshore wind project. With a proposed location off the Gippsland coast, Star of the South aims to establish itself as a groundbreaking initiative in the country's renewable energy sector.

Drawing upon her extensive expertise in major project planning and delivery, Erin brings decades of experience to her role. As the overseer of Star of the South's development activities, she collaborates with industry experts, regulators, policy-makers, and local communities to navigate the complexities of bringing offshore wind to Gippsland and the State of Victoria. Erin's leadership and strategic vision drive the project's progress and ensure effective engagement with stakeholders at all levels.

Prior to her current position, Erin held leadership positions within the Victorian public sector and private consulting. These roles equipped her with invaluable insights into project management, regulatory frameworks, and the intricacies of balancing various interests in large-scale endeavours.

As part of her responsibilities, Erin collaborates with a global team of offshore wind specialists from over 30 different nationalities. This diverse group operates under the esteemed Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, one of the world's largest green energy fund managers. Through this collaboration, Erin harnesses the collective knowledge and expertise of this international team to drive the success of the Star of the South project.

Erin's dedication, extensive experience, and collaborative approach make her an invaluable asset in steering the Star of the South project towards its goal of establishing offshore wind as a prominent source of renewable energy in Australia. Her leadership and commitment contribute to the realisation of a sustainable and environmentally friendly future for the Gippsland region and the State of Victoria as a whole.

Emily Scivetti

Founding Director WOW | Chief Operations Officer - Oceanex EnergyLinkedIn

An innovative and outcomes-focused leader, Emily Scivetti is the Chief Operating Officer of Oceanex Energy and former Chief Operating Officer of the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence.

Emily has over 20 years of experience in developing and delivering major infrastructure projects across a number of industries.  These include renewable energy, transmission, transport, urban development and education.

Key to the foundation of her achievements is Emily’s ability to create thriving, high-performing and collaborative team ecosystems which engage, listen, collaborate, support, challenge and drive the success of major projects in highly complex environments.  Having a lot of fun and feeling empowered to flourish in a safe and supportive environment is also a key point of difference for the teams under Emily’s leadership.

Emily is an instinctive and tireless advocate for professional women and integrates this into all she does as she continues to support the growth of the emerging Offshore Wind Industry in Australia and its enviable future role on the global energy stage.

Driving Progress:
A Sustainable and Equitable Energy Future

Empowering women in offshore wind to contribute to a sustainable and equitable energy future.

Providing communities with resources and opportunities for success.

Aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Women of Offshore Wind will help drive progress towards a more sustainable and equitable energy future, through our alignment with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Women of Offshore Wind can support SDG 4 by facilitating and promoting Quality Education within the offshore wind industry in Australia.

Women of Offshore Wind can support SDG 5 by nurturing gender diversity within the offshore wind industry in Australia.

Women of Offshore Wind can support SDG 7 by enabling the development of a skilled workforce for the offshore wind industry in Australia.

Women of Offshore Wind can support SDG 8 by creating job opportunities and fostering collaboration between industry stakeholders.

Women of Offshore Wind can support SDG 13 by enabling the deployment of offshore wind farms, which will help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the impacts of climate change.